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The Artist

About Ebony Gabrielle


Ebony Gabrielle is a multifaceted artist based out of Arlington, TX. Ebony is a University of Alabama Alumni with a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Global Architecture and Sustainable Design with a Minor in Art. She has been creating her entire life but rediscovered her love for art in college. She began taking art seriously in 2019 and her art business flourished from there. She began by doing commissions for friends and then began discovering her love for fine art. Today Ebony is a full-time artist and loves sharing her passion for art with others.

"I identify as a multifaceted artist. I create in all mediums from oil paint to digital art along with underpaintings, minor details, & built texture being my common practices throughout my diverse portfolio. I have always been involved with different disciplines and embrace every different interest I have. Instead of embracing a specific niche I give life to every creative version of myself and allow for any concept to thrive by my hand."

       - Ebony Gabrielle

The Business

About Art by Ebony Gabrielle

peace and love ...

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